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Bullet-Resistant Glass for Commercial Facilities

Businesses that have a lot of cash or transportable assets, like credit unions and banks, jewelry stores and payday loan establishments, need extra security. Your windows and doors can provide an extra layer of protection when constructed with bullet-resistant glass. For new commercial construction or existing businesses, Dwight’s Glass & Mirror fabricates and installs the bullet-resistant glass features you need.

How Bullet-Resistant Glass Works

There are a number of ways to create bullet-resistant glass, but nearly all of them involve layering glass and more elastic materials (laminates, polycarbonate or acrylic). All types of bullet-resistant glass work in similar ways—they minimize safety threats by:

  1. Preventing or significantly slowing the penetration of a projectile (i.e. bullet) or blunt force object
  2. Preventing “spall,” which is when glass shatters and the shards become projectiles themselves

Bullet-resistant glass offers the same clarity as other window glass, so it provides the same visibility and natural light filtration.

Quality Bullet-Resistant Glass and Installation

If your business is considered high-risk, you cannot jeopardize the lives of your employees and customers with low-quality bullet-resistant glass. When you choose Dwight’s Glass & Mirror for your commercial windows and doors, you never will.

Dwight’s Glass & Mirror relies on trusted suppliers. We custom-cut and fabricate your windows and doors to exacting specifications, and our extensive expertise ensures your bullet-resistant glass features will be installed properly.

More Safety Glass Options

Bullet-resistant glass is just one type of safety glass available for commercial and residential applications. Visit Dwight’s Glass & Mirror showrooms or contact us to speak to one of our glass specialists to learn more and find the right glass for your needs.

Contact us for bullet-resistant glass windows, doors and partitions for your commercial space.

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