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Albuquerque Glass Table Tops

Albuquerque custom glass tabletop
Whether you’d like an Albuquerque glass top office table, bistro table,
dining room table, coffee table, Dwight’s Glass & Mirror has numerous
selections in a variety of styles for you to choose from. Big or small.
Round or square. Symmetrical or asymmetrical. Whatever you have in
mind for your Albuquerque glass top table, you can trust the experts at
Dwight’s Glass & Mirror to bring your vision to life.


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Albuquerque glass top tables for office and home!


Albuquerque Glass Tabletop Edging

We have a variety of tinting and edging options to enhance the character of your glass table top. The main types of edging we offer include:

Seamed Edge (free)
This edging comes complimentary with every glass purchase. It provides a simple finish to remove sharp edges.
Flat Satin Edge
A satin edge is a decorative edging that creates an opaque finish for a more refined look.
Flat Polished Edge
A flat polished edge provides a straight edge with a machined flat polished finish.
Pencil Polished Edge
A pencil polished edge creates a rounded edge on the glass and provides a soft finish.
Beveled Edge
A beveled edge creates an angled edge along the perimeter of the glass for a high quality finish.
Chipped Polished Edge
A chipped polished edge provides a unique texture for an elegant look.
Chipped Sand-Blasted Edge
A chipped sand-blasted edge provides the same unique texture as a chipped edge, but instead of a highly polished finish, it appears frosted.
Ogee Polished Edge
An Ogee polished edge is a classic edging that resembles an “s” when seen from the side.
Waterfall Polished Edge
A waterfall polished edge resembles a cascading waterfall and provides a unique finish for those who want their table to stand out from the ordinary.

We know that choosing the right glass for your table can be difficult when you can’t see how the glass will actually look in your room. That’s why we give you samples to take home so you can make a confident decision about the type of glass you want for your table.

Whether you are looking for something formal, casual, classic or modern, the Albuquerque glass & mirror experts at Dwight’s Glass & Mirror can advise you on the best types of glass and finishes to accomplish your goals. For over 40 years, Dwight’s Glass & Mirror has been supplying the greater Albuquerque area with beautiful glass top tables that stand the test of time.

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