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Safety Glass

Safety glass is a type of glass designed to withstand greater impact than regular glass, reducing the risk of injury if it is broken. Building codes dictate what kind of glass is used in specific applications. When you need Albuquerque commercial glass-work or residential glass, contact the experts at Dwight’s Glass & Mirror to make sure you are installing safety glass that’s designed to protect you, your customers and your family.

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Albuquerque Tempered Safety Glass

safety glass installationTempered safety glass is created when a piece of glass is hardened by heating it and then cooling it quickly. The process produces glass that is 5 times stronger than ordinary glass. When tempered safety glass breaks, it leaves no sharp jagged edges; instead, it shatters into a million pieces with no sharp edges on which to injure yourself. This glass is often used for showers and doorways.

Laminated Safety Glass

Laminated safety glass is used for office partitions, greenhouse windows, banks, automobiles and more. It is made by sandwiching a thin layer of plastic film between at least two pieces of glass. The flexible plastic film keeps the glass in place so when it shatters, all the pieces still remain intact; this reduces the risk of injury should the glass break. Laminated safety glass reduces sound transmission and provides more protection from UV rays than ordinary glass.

ABQ Safety-Backed Mirrors

Safety-backed mirrors are used for things like medicine cabinets and wardrobe mirrors. A woven plastic backing is applied to the mirror, so if it breaks, it remains in one piece—no sharp jagged pieces or shattered glass to clean up.

At Dwight’s Glass & Mirror, we have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right safety glass for your needs. Our experts will take the time to thoroughly understand your unique needs so that the glass we install adheres to New Mexico’s building codes and regulations.

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