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Studio Mirrors in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Studio mirrors are a necessary element in a wide variety of performance-based and image-enhancing businesses, such as dance studios, yoga studios, gyms, hair salons and spas. But to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your commercial space and provide a true reflection of those sharing your space, you need quality custom studio mirrors from Dwight’s Glass & Mirror.

Why You Need Custom Studio Mirrors

Studio and salon owners may be tempted to reduce costs of renovations and upgrades by reusing any large mirror they can find. But mirrors not designed and fabricated for studio applications present a number of issues, including:

  • Safety risk

Many mirrors are not strong enough to withstand the stresses of vertical adhesion, leading to cracks and chips that create unsafe conditions in your studio.

  • Seams

Small mirror panels mean multiple unsightly seams when applied across a large space.

  • Distortion

Mirrors of inadequate thickness may bow or bend when hung on walls, creating uneven reflections that distort the image you see, much like a fun-house mirror.

Improper installation of studio mirrors increases these risks and can result in mirrors falling off the walls.

For a safe and attractive studio space, you need mirrors fabricated for this application and installed by glass experts—Dwight’s Glass & Mirror.

Studio Mirror Selection and Installation

Dwight’s Glass & Mirror can help you find the right type of mirror for your studio at the right price. We can custom-cut and create mirrors to fit any size space to eliminate panel lines. Our experienced professionals provide quality installation to ensure your mirrors are securely affixed to the walls for best reflection and safety.

Visit our Albuquerque showroom or contact Dwight’s Glass & Mirror to explore the options for studio mirrors and other glass features for your commercial space.

Contact us for custom studio mirrors and quality installation to enhance the ambiance of your performance-based commercial space.

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